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Digestive System Quiz Pack

18 separate quizzes to test your knowledge of the Digestive System based on the following video titles from The Institute of Human Anatomy:

  • How Much Food Can the Human Stomach Hold? (9)
  • Experimenting With Stomach Acid | How Strong Is It? (7)
  • How Much Poop Is Stored in Your Colon?? (7)
  • What Is Acid Reflux? (3)
  • What Happens if You Swallow Gum? (7)
  • Anatomy of the Digestive System (7)
  • Are Intestines Really 20 Feet Long??? Let’s Measure Them!! (coming soon)
  • Removing 80% of the Stomach (coming soon)
  • This Poo Shall Pass | Overcoming Constipation (coming soon)
  • The Bacteria That Live INSIDE of You - The Microbiome (coming soon)
  • Doctors FOUND Something During My Colonoscopy… (4)
  • Why Your Colon Produces Flammable Gas (coming soon)
  • Fecal Matter Transplants (coming soon)
  • The EXCRUCIATING Anatomy of Bowel Obstructions (9)
  • You Don’t Want These Inside of You (7)
  • Surgery Gone Wrong - The Terrifying Reality of Abdominal Fistula (10)
  • What Causes Appendicitis and How to Treat It (6)
  • What Diabetes Does to the Body | Can You Reverse It? (coming soon)

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