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Muscular System Quiz Pack

9 separate quizzes to test your knowledge of the Muscular System based on the following video titles from The Institute of Human Anatomy:

  • Why Humans Have Big Butts | Gluteal Anatomy (3)
  • You Already Have a 6 Pack?! (5)
  • How to Save Your Muscles From Aging (6)
  • What EXACTLY Are Muscle Knots? And Why Do They Happen? (7)
  • Are YOU Missing a Muscle??? | Here’s a Test to Find Out!! (5)
  • How Many Muscles Does it Take to POOP? (8)
  • The Strongest & Most Fascinating Muscles In Your Body (7)
  • Superhuman Strength: Secrets of Muscle Variation (7)
  • How Stretching REALLY Works (7)

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